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Accepting An Offer/Counter Offer

Hopefully your new job search is successful and you get to the point of accepting an offer. The following are some additional guidelines to help you through the final steps of a job offer.

Dollars and "Sense"

  • Coming to a financial agreement with your potential employer is crucial to a fair and smooth transition. Consider the entire package. Base salaries are one component to a good job offer. Consider the benefits, bonus potential, lifestyle and career opportunities your future employer is offering.

  • Listen to your recruiter. We provide job offer guidance on a daily basis. Our relationships with the client and you can alleviate awkward discussions and potential misunderstandings.

Resignation and Overcoming Emotional Ties

Parting ways with your current employer can be even more difficult than the job search itself. Moving forward in your career can be an emotional situation for both parties.

  • Be confident with your final decision and formalize it in writing. Your resignation should be handled professionally and allow for fair notice to your employer.

  • Resignation letters should be concise and to the point while expressing gratitude for the time you have been employed. Ask your recruiter for example letters.

The Dangers of a Counter-Offer

Counter-offers are a common occurrence but are not necessarily a good option to consider. The following are some things to consider if approached with a counter-offer from your current employer.

  • Is this a quick fix? Now that your concerns about your current situation are on the table, is your employer looking to keep you on until a replacement has been found?

  • Has your current situation really changed? Even though you have been offered a financial incentive to stay, have your original reasons for leaving actually changed?

  • The loyalty issue. Now that your employer knows that you have been conducting a job search, your viability with the company may be jeopardized. Promotions and pay increases in the future may be compromised.

  • Statistically, accepted counter-offers are a temporary fix. An overwhelming majority of employees who accept counter-offers are back on the job market within six months to a year.

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