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Interview Tips

Conducting a job search can often be an intimidating venture. Interviewing, for some, can even be more so. Ascent hopes the following tips and guidelines can give you the tools to be confident and lessen your fears of making a career change.

Preparation Is Key

Understand the company—Doing your homework on your target companies can provide endless benefits.

  • Research the company history, present status and reputation.

  • Utilize all of your tools. Conducting internet searches, asking peers and networking can give you a technical and cultural understanding of the firm. Ask your recruiter….what is your history with the firm?

  • Trade journals and financial reports. Locate important company trends, hiring practices and financial status.

Understand Your Potential Role

Anticipating what you could offer a company and understanding their current needs will give you an edge.

  • Review the details of the job description. Correlate your experience with their needs.

  • Understand the corporate structure. Who do you report to? What departments do you interact with?

  • Ask questions. Create a list of questions pertaining to your potential contribution. What does the company expect from you in the short and long term? How do they see your skill set fitting in with their opening?

Understand Your Own History

Interviewing is competitive. Be prepared for tough questions and a comprehensive review of your career.

  • Being able to illustrate your previous positions clearly is critical. Provide details of accomplishments. How did you make things better? What did you contribute? How did you impact the bottom line?

  • Be honest. Creating an impression of something that you are not can backfire. Sell your strengths and be confident about your relevant skills.

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