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Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is both a summary of your professional skill set and experiences as well as a marketing tool to propel your career.  With increasing competition in the job market a clean, well written resume is a key component in advancing one’s career.  Below are some helpful hints for you to follow in order to create a dynamic resume:

  • Center and bold your name and contact information so that it stands out from the rest of the text.  Be sure to include your full name, address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address.

  • Objectives on resumes are not always necessary.  If you state an objective make sure it is relevant to the position for which you are submitting your resume.  Broad, undefined objectives should be eliminated.

  • Begin the body of the resume by listing your professional experience chronologically with your most recent position first.  Be sure to include dates of employment, employer’s name and your title.

  • Under the Employer’s name and your title, detail your responsibilities and experience without becoming too verbose.  Make sure to use action words such as:  Managed, Implemented, Coordinated, Assisted, etc.  Do not use the first person “I” when writing your resume.

  • Provide a list of qualifications such as technology skills, core competencies, etc.

  • Also list your educational credentials.  Do not say you have a Bachelor’s Degree if you do not. If you are in the midst of obtaining a degree list how many credits you have completed.

  • After you have finished make certain you run a spell check.  In addition, ensure that all of the titles, dates, etc. are congruous.  For example, if you bold the title of your employer for your current position, do so with your previous employers as well.

  • Have another, trusted, colleague read your resume and give you constructive criticism before sending it out for review.

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