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Candidate Partnership

As important as the client is to the placement process, so to is the candidate applying for a position.  At Ascent we prefer to form a “team” with our candidates during their career search.  We realize that not only are we assisting candidates in obtaining a new position we also are aware that accepting a new offer and starting a new job changes one’s life to a large extent.  

Candidates are not islands unto themselves.  There are several considerations when one decides to join another firm or company, for example, salary, benefits, opportunity for growth, child care issues, geographical location, percentage of travel, working remotely, etc.  It is our job, as your representative, to address all issues that arise in order for there to be a smooth transition into a new environment.  We play “middle man” between the client and the candidate to expedite the placement process while ensuring a positive relationship up to the start date of the candidate.

In short, we want to assist you in any way possible to achieve your career goals.  We have a long history of building positive relationships with our candidates.  Allow us to team up with you and discover a new horizon.

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