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Search Process

When receiving a search request on behalf of our clients we take the time to listen. In addition to a general description of the job responsibilities we also determine salient skill sets that our client is seeking in a candidate. We also strive to learn the culture of the firm and expectations of the hiring managers which goes beyond simple criteria such as years of experience, education credentials, etc.

After a formal job description has been formulated based upon in depth discussions with the client, the search process begins with our researchers tapping into our applicant database to locate any current job seekers who “fit the bill.” In addition we utilize our association memberships, internet resources and direct recruiting to generate possible applicants, all the while, preserving the confidentiality of our client.

Once the recruiting process is completed and we have a number of applicants form which to choose, we conduct one-on-one interviews to further qualify the applicants. Beyond ensuring that an applicant has an applicable skill set and experience for the position we pay close attention to his/her personality, articulation and confidence.

Finally, from our original list of applicants, we eliminate all but the best for a given position. This could be possibly four or five candidates or even one depending upon the talent pool. Our goal is to find absolute best applicant on the market to save our client’s time and resources.

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